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2019 Wild Game Supper - January 26, 2019

1st Annual 4-Person Scramble Charity Golf Tournament - June 2, 2018

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Leroy Sibley

Dale Scrivner

Vice President


Over 1 million dollars to the Arkansas Children's Hospital donated to date through fundraising events, notably the annual Wild Game Supper

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One cold winter day four men went duck hunting in the old Mississippi River at Buck Shot hunting club in southeast Arkansas.  They landed on an island with a little lake on it and duck hunted  most of the day.  By evening it started snowing an they started back home and before they knew it the boat capsized.  Two of them drifted to a log pile and the other two were separated from the others.  Once they got to land they had to round up people to go look for the other two.  By this time they had been in the water over two hours.  They finally rescued them and went back to the Rankin farm shop and built a fire where everyone could get warm.  A week later they did an appreciation dinner for everyone that was involved in helping.  From then on this group of men would gather once a year and have a big cooking of all kinds of wild game meat.  This continued for a few years then the crowd started getting bigger and bigger.  We decided to make an organization and let all the proceeds go to the Arkansas Children's Hospital where we could help children in need.

This year will mark the 35th annual wild game supper.  We are now a 501-3C tax exempt association.

To date, we have raised and donated over one million dollars to Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Delta Men's association is a 501c nonprofit organization